Watercolors, Pearls, and More Summer Nail-Art Ideas

Classic French Manicure

One of our favorite simple summer nail styles is the classic french manicure. You can personalize the appearance by adding more nail art and changing the colors you use on each finger.

Pearl Nails

Pearl nails scream summer. The nail-art design will make you look like a mermaid and have everyone wondering where you got them done.

Y2K Embellished Manicures

Trends from the early 2000s have returned to all aspects of our lives, including nails. "Nineties and early 2000s beauty will always be a favorite era for me

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails have seen on a few celebs at recent red carpet events. The nail design is making a comeback, but for summer, try a new twist on it.

Color-Blocking French Manicures

Taylor believes colorblocking french manicures will take over this summer, despite the fact that the basic french manicure trend has inspired innumerable new designs.

Flower Nails

The '90s and 2000s aren't the only decades that will inspire us this summer. "I think bright, '70s, groovy-inspired prints heavily influence summer nail art," Woodley tells me. 

3D Nails

Woodley predicted that 3D nail art would be a major trend beginning in 2021, and she was correct. However, there are no signs that this will change anytime soon. 

Deconstructed French Manicures

Another variation on the conventional French manicure to try this summer is the "deconstructed French," which features abstract, blob-like hues on the tips of the nails rather than a smooth stroke of color. 

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