Should one apply mascara before or after false eyelashes!

Skincare habits have long piqued the interest of those who wish to appear bright and youthful. French ladies are particularly praised for their beauty and ease with skin maintenance. What is the secret? Not only what they use, but also how they utilize it.

Mascara and artificial eyelashes are a timeless combination that enhances the appearance of the eyes. Fuller lashes improve the overall appearance of the face. 

 Nonetheless, a commonly posed topic remains: can mascara be put before or after synthetic eyelashes?

Experts recommend applying mascara after applying artificial lashes for a more consistent look. This procedure ensures that the synthetic lashes blend in flawlessly with the natural ones.

 It also keeps the glue from deteriorating further and extends the life of the artificial eyelashes.

People have long believed that fake lashes and mascara were incompatible. However, when used right, they provide an excellent complement.

By consistently wearing both artificial lashes and mascara, one can improve the appearance of the eyes without jeopardizing the natural appearance of the false lashes.

.As a result, it will maintain the appearance of the artificial lashes while providing the required voluminous and lengthened lash effect.

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