Protein Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Smoothie 

The new black is protein. Paleo-shmaleo granola, high-protein pancakes, and flourless protein birds are all the rage right now.  

What just happened? Did you know that adults should consume 25–30 grams of protein after a workout?  

It is imperative that you eat protein post-workout. You might wonder, why?  

Because lifting weights and resistance exercise truly cause your muscle fibers to break down. Protein's amino acids aid in the rebuilding and repair of that tissue. 

You will continue to break down muscle if you do not replenish your protein intake.  

Equally significant is Mr. Carbs, or less popular ones. Glycogen reserves are used up during activity to provide energy.

In fact, if your body doesn't have enough carbohydrates, it will break down muscle tissue and use that as fuel because your brain runs on glycogen. It's not good, my buddies!  

Additionally, we want to avoid eating a lot of fat or high-fiber foods right after a workout because this will slow down digestion and make it take longer for the protein to get into the muscles.  

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