On March 30, 2024, two zodiac signs were inspired to change.

If we can get something nice out of today, March 30, 2024, just hand over that trophy right now, because it's a challenging constellation to get through, with the Moon square Mars and Saturn.

Oh, phew. Just looking at those phrases makes me nervous—all of Mars and Saturn squared with the Moon. Okay, let's take a big breath and trust that whatever occurs will be fine because today inspires two zodiac signs to change.

What we need to examine is what this transit will bring out in ourselves. This is an especially powerful cosmic mixer for Cancer and Capricorn. 

Mars is associated with anger, pushiness, a negative attitude, and an inability to look beyond our noses, but it also represents drive, determination, tenacity, and competence. 

So what happens when Mars collides with Saturn in such a scenario? Saturn, in this case, brings in the constraints, the law, the unwillingness to accept no for an answer, and our avoidance of reality.

Saturn has the ability to channel all of that strength and produce a tremendous will to change.So, what these two zodiac signs are dealing with on Saturday, March 30, is a case of extreme frustration because things aren't acting the way we want them to, but frustration leads to choice. 

1. Cancer 

What may be disturbing is the thought that you are about to do something bad that you may be unaware of. Of course, you care in retrospect, but you feel obligated to do it and can't see properly right now.

2. Capricorn

You enjoy being generous and helpful, but you dislike being taken advantage of, especially when you get the idea that the person taking advantage believes you are too stupid to understand what is going on.

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