October Will See the Release of Venom: The Last Dance, the Renamed Third instalment.

With the recently announced Venom: The Last Dance, slated for release in October,

Tom Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock once again. The curtain has finally been drawn back for the upcoming threequel.

According to Variety, a title and an earlier release date of October 25, 2024 have finally been revealed for the impending third installment of the anti-hero main franchise, Venom: The Last Dance.

The last time we saw Eddie Brock and Symbiote together was during the Let There Be Carnage sequel's credits roll,

when Tom Holland's Peter Parker from Spider-Man: Far From Home was displayed on the symbiote's TV screen.

Conversely, Eddie Brock—along with the voice of the symbiote—also appears in the closing credits of Spider-Man

No Way Home, leaving us to speculate as to whose reality the anti-hero pair inhabits.

To tide supporters over until October, though, we still have a little bit left.

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