NFL Insider Drops Concerning Update on Brandon Aiyuk Contract Talk

The San Francisco 49ers are attempting to extend WR Brandon Aiyuk's contract, but there are few reasons to be optimistic right now. 

Aside from Aiyuk's cryptic, seemingly negative signals, the latest story from one of the NFL's most notable insiders further adds to the negative mood.

On March 30, NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo addressed the subject on television. Essentially, the 49ers must do a lot of effort to secure an extension.

"Basically, it's a little bit of a standoff right now," Garafolo explained. "Now, this is not where the Deebo Samuel situation was, and as bad as it went with Samuel essentially seeking a trade, they were still able to rescue it. 

So let's not worry, let's not stress out, and maybe if it gets to the point where some summer sessions and OTAs and Brandon Aiyuk makes the little finger emoji and says, '

Yeah, I'm going to be walking the other way instead of going to those voluntary activities.'"The suggestion that it's not as awful as the Deebo negotiations is helpful. However, it is still far from the 49ers' ideal situation.

Over the past two years, Aiyuk has established himself as one of the NFL's most productive downfield threats. While Samuel and Christian McCaffrey succeed at the first level, Aiyuk has been the one who chases down long balls.

The 49ers desperately needed that. However, paying that type of player what they deserve is not cheap. San Francisco has most likely offered Aiyuk a significant raise, but Garafolo's report claims that they have not met his expectations.

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