New Moon in Pisces 2024: Here's what it means for your zodiac sign


You have all these viewpoints, even if you're unsure. Consider which one fits you best. Write about your current life in your journal—call it your unique adventure! It may improve self-awareness.


During this New Moon, you may receive disappointing news or feel distant. You may even feel sad and angry. It's vital to acknowledge and validate all feelings. 


Normal for this New Moon to make you feel lost in your emotions. With the New Moon near Neptune, your future may be unclear. Uranus in your birth chart's unknown zone makes you feel there's more.


Trying to figure out your beliefs? Read an inspirational novel. Consider what's making you doubt yourself. Keep in mind that skepticism might spark fresh ideas.


Being open and honest sometimes requires consciously disclosing bits of oneself. Putting up a play or concert is not pretending or manipulating others.


Virgo, what's holding you back? You unknowingly put on your blindfold. You may have many excellent things, yet your doubts prevent you from enjoying them. Keep an open mind.


Libra, don't overwork. You're not the Sun, with infinite energy to illuminate everything. You're one person! You can inspire and influence others, but multitasking will exhaust you.


Broken hearts are hard to overcome. Were you invested in the relationship if it were easy? Be gentle to yourself. Remember your humanity. Remember what you learned.


Time to prioritize saving and earning. You may have overspent due to family and household obligations. Being generous is good, but it may cause stress. 


No one likes being wrong. We like being right, especially if we know our fields. Consider being mistaken a chance to show grace. You grow more charming when you manage faults with style. 


Aquarius, consider a financial plan with Sagittarius. Both of you are struggling financially. Discipline is needed because your ideals and money are tight.  


The annual New Moon in your sign is a good moment to reflect on your growth this year. You've had time to reflect even though 2024 is only a few months old.

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