NBA Legend Makes Controversial The Luka Doncic Statement 

Every season, it seems as though Luka Doncic's name is brought up in the conversation about the Most Valuable Player.

Nevertheless, it seems as though Luka's teams never manage to get into the top four seeds in the Western Conference. This is the case every season.  

Because of this, a former NBA star and current player for the Memphis Grizzlies says that Luka should not be considered for the Most Valuable Player award.  

An edition of Gil's Arena featured Gilbert Arenas, who vehemently criticized the notion that Luka Doncic should be considered for the Most Valuable Player award.  

When it comes to Arenas, winning should be recognized, and not merely starting, and Luka's teams have not achieved the level of excellence necessary to be considered.  

In spite of the fact that Gilbert Arenas is known for being a normally controversial individual, the reasoning for his Luka take actually makes perfect sense.  

Russell Westbrook is one of the few players who has ever won the Most Valuable Player award without being a member of a top team in the league.

This is an extremely rare occurrence. To select Luka Doncic over Nikola Jokic would be to overlook the fact that there are too many strong players on good teams.  

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