Martian Gediz Vallis Channel 360-Degree NASA Curiosity Rover Image

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover captured a 360-degree panorama of its valley. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory YouTube channel published the panorama.

The 360-degree view was taken at the billion-year-old Gediz Vallis channel.

NASA states that Gediz Vallis channel was one of the last structures to emerge on Mount Sharp, which Curiosity has been ascending since 2014.

The waterway is full of boulders and other debris from debris flows (fast, wet landslides) or dry avalanches.

Mars Curiosity Rover's official X Page revealed the 360-degree view of Mars, writing, “This 360-degree panorama is Gediz Vallis channel, a feature that appears – from space, at least – to have been carved by an ancient river.

It could change the timing for water flow on this portion of Mars.

NASA stated the view was captured on February 1, "the 4,084th Martian day, or sol, of the mission," using the "left black-and-white navigation camera mounted on its mast, or ‘head'".

Ten Earth-returned pictures were stitched into the 360-degree vision.

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