LeBron James joins Michael Jordan with 40 points.

LeBron James, 39, of the Los Angeles Lakers continues to argue that he is the best basketball player of his generation.

James scored 40 points in L.A.'s 116-104 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, joining Michael Jordan as the only NBA players with two 40-point games beyond 39. 

James did it twice; Jordan, who played until 40, did it three times.

The 21-year veteran shot 13-for-17 and nailed 9-for-10 3s, tying a career high.

"I don't ever have to lean on [3-pointers] because I can do so much -- I can score on any level on the floor basically once I cross half court,

," James said of his late-career shooting. "The league is a heavy 3-point shooting league, so having a growth attitude and working on areas the league is evolving to is important.

"I don't want to shoot 12, 14, or 15 3s per game. But I want respect, therefore teams must play me outside.

'If we have to give up something, we'd rather him shoot the ball from the outside.'"

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