Jerry Rice Discusses Potential NFL Draft Maneuver for Son Brenden Rice

In the bustling world of the NFL, all eyes are on USC's outstanding wide receiver Brenden Rice as he prepares to enter the spotlight at next month's NFL Draft in Detroit. 

Rice's popularity stems not just from his bright career, but also from his heritage as the son of renowned San Francisco 49ers player Jerry Rice.During a recent chat on Keyshawn Johnson's "All Facts No Brakes" podcast,

Jerry Rice discussed the notion of instructing his son to follow Eli Manning's draft-day decision. 

The elder Rice indicated his willingness to embrace whichever team chooses Brenden, highlighting the value of hard work and leadership in the NFL.

This stance stems from discussions started by Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders, who hinted at a similar draft-day strategy for his son and another player based on geographical preferences.

Jerry Rice's comments highlight a distinct strategy for his son Brenden. He emphasized the importance of showing oneself and the ability to be a great leader, regardless of the drafting team. 

This concept represents a larger view of accomplishment that emphasizes devotion and exceptional behavior both on and off the field.Brenden Rice, appearing on FS1's "The Herd with Colin Cowherd,"

expressed his desire to carve his own path, honoring his father's legacy but focusing on his own career and contributions to the sport.

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