Ja Morant on Grizzlies-Celtics Trade  

After the Memphis Grizzles traded Xavier Tillman to the Boston Celtics, Ja Morant responded. 

Before the NBA trade deadline, the Memphis Grizzlies dealt Xavier Tillman to the Boston Celtics, moving the versatile forward to a contending team after 3.5 seasons in Memphis.  

Tillman was well-liked by his teammates and was a vital member of the youthful Grizzlies nucleus that has transformed Memphis' culture.

The Grizzles star Ja Morant wrote two posts on his Instagram story in honor of Tillman after the contract was officially announced:  

Since there are so few untouchables in the NBA, this time of year is usually difficult for players. 

Everyone who is not in this group might be dealt, and even those who are not at risk of trading could worry that their close friends will be transferred by the deadline.  

Even while this is all part of the business, it is nevertheless difficult when a long-time teammate gets traded. 

Tillman has the chance to play for the Boston Celtics, who are the best basketball club in the league and a legitimate title candidate. 

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