Ja Morant comments on shocking statistic

Ja Morant, a great point guard who started the season with a 25-game suspension.

Only played nine games for the Memphis Grizzlies before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury nine games after his reinstatement.  

Although the biggest setback for Memphis has undoubtedly been the loss to Morant, that doesn't even begin to capture how their season has gone.  

Due to the extended absences of several other Grizzlies players this season, the team has added a number of new players who otherwise would not have had the chance to play in Memphis.  

When Morant recently reacted to the roster of guys who have scored a basket for the Grizzlies this season, he was taken aback by how lengthy it is:  

This was not Memphis's initial goal for the season, but things swiftly spiraled out of control.  

Despite the fact that Morant's 25-game suspension to begin the season was unavoidable, there remained hope in Memphis that the squad could improve after he got back.  

The Grizzlies will now turn their attention to the upcoming campaign and try to establish themselves as a Western Conference playoff team once more.

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