Green Smoothie

Here's how to prepare the greatest green smoothie in 5 minutes with only four easy ingredients. It's healthful, creamy, and wonderful!

I have a few different green smoothie recipes on the blog, but today I'm going to share my go-to basic green smoothie recipe, which is both simple and tasty.

This recipe requires only four ingredients: spinach, almond milk (or any liquid), banana, and frozen fruit of choice. I normally use frozen mango for a tropical flavor and because it lends a wonderful creaminess to smoothies,

but feel free to use any frozen fruit you have on hand!Easy - With only four major ingredients and a blender, this smoothie comes together in minutes!

Naturally sweetened - This recipe contains no additional sugar. This smoothie is sweetened entirely with fruit!

Customizable - Feel free to make your own smoothie! Want to use a different fruit? Go for it! Want to add more protein? Add some protein powder or yoghurt.

Unsweetened almond milk serves as the liquid base for your smoothie. I like to use unsweetened almond milk since it makes the smoothie creamy without adding any extra sugars.

Oat milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk are all excellent possibilities for adding creaminess, but you are welcome to use your favorite dairy-free or conventional dairy milk. You could alternatively use water or coconut water as the liquid foundation.

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