Grapefruit Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

I should mention that Dr. Oz also has a popular grapefruit apple cider vinegar drink, which he recommends as part of his Slimdown Plan before each meal. I won't go that far, but I believe this drink is fantastic and a delicious way to add apple cider vinegar into your diet, which I am all about.

Apple cider vinegar offers numerous health benefits on its own, and grapefruit juice has as well, but when combined, they form a nutritional powerhouse.

Grapefruit juice is low in calories (100 per 8 oz) yet high in nutrients. It's high in vitamins and minerals (such as Vitamin C), which can help strengthen your immune system.

According to studies, eating grapefruit may help you lose weight due of the fiber and water levels. It has also been demonstrated to aid with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Basically, it's a potent fruit! And don't worry, while grapefruit juice may lack some of the grapefruit's insoluble fiber, it will still provide you with soluble fiber. Discover more about juicing and fiber here.

m It is crucial to understand that grapefruit is not for everyone! Grapefruit includes chemicals that inhibit specific enzymes in your body, 

preventing the breakdown of some drugs and potentially leading to overdose. If you are on any drugs, consult your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet!

Now, onto the "recipe". It's such a simple drink that a recipe isn't really necessary, but I'm going to give one anyway. One part apple cider vinegar, four parts grapefruit juice, plus a touch of sugar, and voilà! You have a fantastic grapefruit apple cider vinegar cocktail.

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