Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Horoscope For March 29, 2024


You really should tell someone how you really feel about them. You might be giving off conflicting signals that indicate some hesitancy on your behalf. 


You succeeded! Right now, you feel like you've done a lot. You will achieve the objectives you have set for yourself this week. Well done, Taurus. You accomplished what you set out to do.


How can you increase your income right now? You may get two job offers in the near future. Making a decision will be difficult. Declining one is never easy because you could question whether this is the right decision for you. 


Why engage in conflict? It's possible that you disagree with someone's choice of how to live. But their decisions don't represent yours. As you live your life, you must let them to live theirs. 


It's finished. You're all set to start the next phase of your life. Knowing that you have loved and given it your all is a bittersweet feeling. 


Don't worry and try to be patient. Everything unfolds as it is intended to. You may play out what will happen all night long. In actuality, though, you won't find out until they do. When you arrive to that bridge, you'll cross it.


You were forewarned, and this time you listened instead of jumping into something you weren't sure about. It is always prudent to heed wise counsel. It's amazing that you had the guts to take the necessary action.


You could adjust, but why would you? It's possible that this isn't the ideal moment, and that someone will try to pressure you into doing something you're not comfortable with. 


For someone, this is a confusing moment. A friend may find themselves in a circumstance where they feel the desire to chat.


It's an excellent day for introspection and meditation. Take some time to yourself to collect your thoughts. If you own a tuning fork, use it or a meditation bowl. 


You were intuitive from birth, but perhaps because of past failures, you lack confidence in yourself. That's alright. Regaining your self-confidence can help you go back to where you need to be.


Must you give up? Even though it seems like the appropriate choice, sometimes that's just your fear talking, so it's better to hold off. It's possible that you're going through a demanding, hectic period that seems like an uphill climb. 

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