Dylan Larkin Deserves Better

Dylan Larkin leaves everything on the ice. Will it be enough to carry the Red Wings to the playoffs? Probably not. The Red Wings have 80 points, trailing the Washington Capitals by 81. 

The Capitals currently have two games in hand. If the Wings fail to return to the playoffs, it will not be because to Larkin's lack of guts. Today's game against the Florida Panthers made it abundantly evident.

Larkin collapsed after only 28 seconds. It appeared that he had taken a puck to the knee. Larkin writhed on the ice for many seconds. Fans, and no doubt teammates,

expected the worst when Larkin needed help getting off the ice, and he was out for the season.Surprisingly, Larkin returned for good and nearly delivered the team a victory. 

He knotted the game on a Wings power play with only 4:00 left. The Wings were unable to score a goal in overtime, however. The squad also failed to score in the shootout, marking the Wings' eighth consecutive road loss.

Larkin was clearly playing with an injury. Perhaps he should not have played at all. With only 8 games remaining, it's evident he's the team's best chance of making the playoffs.

Dylan Larkin returned to the ice on March 21. This came after a lower-body ailment that had held him out of action for eight games. During that time, the Wings went 2-6 and missed out on the playoffs. Hockey isn't fair.

Larkin's NHL career began during the 2015-2016 season. 2016 was also the last time the Red Wings made the playoffs. Larkin led the squad with goals during his debut season. 

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