During his "Meltdown" performance, Drake shot a gigantic head of Travis Scott.

Drake has feuded with several rappers, but he's usually allied with most of hip-hop's greatest names at any one moment, perhaps because they understood it was beneficial to stay on good terms with such a commercial force.

 That dynamic is shifting. In a verse on “Like That” off Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You album, Kendrick Lamar mocked Drake and his tourmate J. Cole, escalating a decade-long cold war.

Drake, who has worked with Future/Metro for years, was estranged by the verse on their album.

 After debuting at #1 with massive streaming figures, the song may be revealing problems between Drake and Travis Scott, another longstanding buddy.

According to TMZ, Scott was videotaped asking Future to play “Like That” at Rolling Loud California five days before We Don't Trust You, suggesting he supports Future, Metro, and Kendrick.

Drake attacked a Travis Scott stage prop at his and Cole's It's All A Blur — Big As The What? tour stop Sunday at Penn State University.

Drake claimed to shoot a gigantic head of Scott during his performance of “Meltdown” off Scott's Utopia album. Watch clip below.

At Sunday's It's All A Blur—Big As The What? tour stop at Penn State University, Drake and Cole appeared to be arguing, and Drake ended up hitting a Travis Scott stage prop.

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