Draymond Green made another questionable decision last night.

If you thought Draymond Green had learned his lesson from Wednesday's ejection, think again. 

Green was tossed just over three minutes into Wednesday's game between the Warriors and the Magic.

The referees did not like him disputing about a call for an extended amount of time.  Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Green needed to be more strategic on the court in the future.

Clearly, the four-time NBA champion did not receive the memo. Green nearly kicked Grant Williams in the crotch during the fourth quarter of Friday night's Warriors-Hornets game.

The replay appears to show that the intent was there. Fortunately for Green, the refs saw no problems with this play. 

If he had been disqualified for the second time in a row, it would have been a significant issue for the Warriors. It's unclear whether the NBA will look into this occurrence. 

At the very least, it's a bad image for Green, who previously said he needed to improve. 

The Warriors are now battling for their postseason life. They cannot afford to lose Green down the stretch.

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