Creamy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chia Mousse

This luscious chocolate covered strawberry chia mousse is made by combining creamy coconut milk, chia seeds, and sweet strawberries and topping it with a drizzle of chocolate. Nobody will ever know it's vegan and paleo-friendly!

I know we have a little time left, but I'm ready to start celebrating Valentine's Day. Is there anyone else?

To be really honest, I've had my heart wreath up for more than a month. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, therefore I love decorating for it. Not because I'm overly sentimental (though I am on occasion),

but because Valentine's Day coincides with my birthday. We call it Birth-Valentine's Day.Yes, my mother always says I'm her favorite Valentine's Day gift, and Isaac has to purchase me twice as many gifts. 

It's wonderful. What's the one negative aspect? Trying to book dinner reservations for my birthday. As a result, we normally stay at home and cook our own meals. If you're intending to do the same, I've got the perfect dessert for you.

It's chocolate-covered strawberry chia seed mousse, also known as the creamiest chia seed pudding I've ever had.

Coconut milk - I prefer full-fat coconut milk because it adds thickness, but feel free to use any milk you choose.

Maple syrup, honey, or stevia are optional, however these are my preferred natural sweeteners. Chia seeds are the actual star of this recipe. 

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