For all coffee enthusiasts, start your day with this coffee chia breakfast pudding made with coffee or espresso.

It has a nice flavor profile similar to a gently sweetened coffee latte. This delightful breakfast combines the tastes of a cold-brew latte with chia pudding.

It's a nutritious, filling dish that's softly sweetened and seasoned with complementary spices, similar to my chocolate coconut chia pudding and chocolate chia mousse.

This can be made with brewed coffee, espresso, or homemade cold brew coffee if you have any on hand.

Brewed Coffee: You can use strong brewed coffee or espresso. Cold-brewed coffee is also an option here.

Chia Seeds: I prefer black chia seeds, but white chia seeds will work just as well—it's the same thing, just a different hue.

Honey: You only need a small amount to offer a touch of sweetness. For a sugar-free recipe, substitute powdered Monk Fruit sweetener.

Milk: I prefer unsweetened cashew or almond milk for its creamy texture and delicious flavor.

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