Clay Travis cautions Caleb Williams about Colin Kaepernick-like NFL criticism over viral pink nails and phone case.

Clay Travis compared Caleb Williams' pink nails and phone case to Colin Kaepernick. The sports analyst stated he draws attention to himself before entering the league to give critics an opportunity to attack him. 

Clay Travis stated that Caleb Williams is increasing his vulnerability. By bringing attention to himself in the interview era with non-football choices."

The commenter also suggested Colin Kaepernick's social activism might be overlooked if he were a great quarterback. Because he wasn't, it became a stick to hit him with. 

Travis said Caleb Williams must play well from the start to prevent a similar tragedy. He added, Let's say things go wrong. He plays great if he plays. The NFL gives him big breaks if he stays out of trouble.

I always said Colin Kaepernick could achieve anything off the field if he was a great quarterback. The NFL would have excused him. He could have disputed anything."

Clay Travis may not like the soon-to-be NFL rookie and often compares him to Colin Kaepernick, but the league has mixed feelings. Others defend him, saying he should be accepted as long as he can play the position on the field. 

Clay Travis compares Caleb Williams to Colin Kaepernick, while others support USC QB.

To illustrate, consider Caleb Williams. He can wear pink nail paint and a phone case. Honestly, Bears fans should rock whatever he is if he goes to Chicago. Give up the hate and accept him."

"Wallet's white, phone is pink, case is clear, nails are clear, lips are pink, your girl would love 'em!"

The potential first-round pick most likely did not want to be involved in the issue that has led Clay Travis to compare him to Colin Kaepernick. However, now that he has gotten involved, he is making it clear to everyone that he is not backing down.

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