Chocolate Strawberry Banana Yogurt Cluster

These chocolate strawberry banana yogurt clusters are my spin on a popular TikTok dish. They're simple to make and the ideal healthy dessert to keep in your freezer throughout the summer.

You'll want to keep a batch of these chocolate strawberry banana yogurt clusters in your freezer all summer!

This dish is my version of the blueberry yogurt clusters fad, which became viral due to Lemons and Lucy on TikTok. I shared my version on Instagram a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to post it on the blog!

There are several versions of this recipe, but I'm digging the chocolate strawberry banana combo… It gives me banana split feelings, which I'm all for!

Easy to make: With only seven simple ingredients, this meal comes together quickly! Ideal for summer: These frozen snacks are a delightful treat to have on hot summer days.

Kid-approved: This is a meal the entire family will enjoy! And it's an excellent dish to involve your children with. They'll like spreading the chocolate and putting crushed peanuts on top.

We're using fresh strawberries and bananas in this dish. To ensure that they freeze quickly, slice them into bite-sized pieces.

Plain Greek yogurt adds smoothness and protein to the fruit clusters! I prefer plain full-fat yogurt for the greatest results.

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