April 2024's Luckiest Day for Each Chinese Zodiac Sign

Rat, your April luck depends on your inner intelligence. If you get caught up in the world and short-term hypes and freakouts, you may miss out on luck-bringing things/people.

Rat: Luckiest Day: April 13

Ox, you will enjoy April or sabotage yourself. Everything depends on understanding yourself and not letting others pollute your vision.

Ox: Luckiest Day: April 20

Tiger, karma favors you this month. Your luck will come from there. Avoid fear while you travel the world. Be strong, independent, and ask for support.

Tiger: Luckiest Day: April 24

Rabbit, April luck is strange. Allow yourself to let go and not use it. You can also send it to someone else, maybe someone you love, who needs luck more than you. Thus, your life condition determines it.

RabbitLuckiest Day: April 27

Dragon, April luck is special. This month, you should organize and collect all the puzzle parts. Lucky luck will help you acquire what you need till the time is right for new starts or big projects.

Dragon: Luckiest Day: April 30

Snake, April luck comes from being among people who love and care about you. Allow yourself to meet that definition if no one else does.

Snake: Luckiest Day: April 3

Horse, this is it. This month is lucky for you because you're the cosmic favorite child.  If you ignore your gut or procrastinate when you should act, you'll lose all the luck the universe has for you.

HorseLuckiest Day: April 7

Goat, your luck is traditional this month. Beware if you're going to Macau or Vegas. Cleaning them is possible. You can win sweepstakes and giveaways with this luck. Get the goods!

GoatLuckiest Day: April 15 & 18

April luck will come from your dreams, monkey. Keep a dream journal and record the surreal as you wake up. You'll see a pattern and understand your dreams.

MonkeyLuckiest Day: April 18

Your April luck is great, Rooster. This time, your relationship, personal project, or other endeavor will be blessed. Those in the real estate industry will be lucky, especially if they buy a home or apartment.

RoosterLuckiest Day: April 19

Dog, April luck will help you anonymously. Keep living your life, but drop bad habits. Even without knowing what's happening behind the scenes, studying and growing will help you.

DogLuckiest Day: April 21

Pig, your April luck is slim. It will make your days enjoyable and deliver a few surprises, but don't expect anything special. 

PigLuckiest Day: April 18

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