Anti-inflammatory Cherry Pineapple Smoothie 

For a while, I was obsessed with smoothies that contained avocado, chocolate, and bloobs. It had a creamy texture. 

It had a chocolate flavor. Oh, how slurpable it was. It fulfilled every smoothie fantasy I've ever had.  

Then the weather turned warm. Suddenly, the only thing my body want was to be tropical. Ginger. pineapple. Water from coconuts. 

My goodness! I've tried a lot of different smoothies thanks to my taste buds, but this particular blend makes me feel uncomfortable every morning. 

The hemp seeds give it exactly the right amount of creaminess, but the other components make it incredibly light, refreshing, and energizing.  

Lettuce clarify inflammation before we talk about this all-star cast and how anti-inflammatory they are individually.  

When chemicals or invasive bacteria enter our bodies, our immune systems react by attacking the foreign material, causing inflammation. But hold on—this is beneficial!  

The less protective type results from lifestyle choices like smoking and eating poorly, which release free radicals.  

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