8 Zodiac Signs: When They Were Born and What They Mean for Your Character

Aries, the first sign, enjoys being first. This active fire sign is competitive by nature. Aries is fearless and determined to win even the toughest challenges! Check out your sign's profile.  


Which zodiac sign prefers a six-hour bath, Swedish massage, and dessert spread? Taurus, naturally! Bulls symbolize Taurus, an earth sign. Taureans like tranquil, bucolic settings with soft sounds, soothing fragrances, and luscious flavors, like their celestial spirit animal. Check out your sign's profile.  


Has your schedule ever made you wish you could clone yourself to finish everything? That sums up Gemini. Insatiable curiosity drives Gemini, a lively, unpredictable sign.  


The crab symbolizes Cancer's ability to exist in both emotional and material domains by weaving between sea and shore. Cancers have tangible psychic talents. 


Leo arrives—roll out the red carpet. These fiery fire signs rule the celestial jungle and are passionate, devoted, and dramatic. 


You know "if you want something done, give it to a busy person?" That is the Virgo anthem. Living is logical, realistic, and systematic for Virgos. 


Justice, balance, and harmony describe Libra energy. Libra, a cardinal air sign, is symbolized by the scales, the zodiac's only inanimate object, reflecting its focus on balance.


Scorpio is one of the zodiac's most enigmatic signs. Scorpio, a water sign, uses emotional energy to gain spiritual and physical insight. 


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