8 Nail Trends That Will Be Pervasive in 2024

Drake has even tried on aura nails for size after seeing them all over TikTok in recent months, and it looks like they won't be around until 2024.

Aura Mani

2024 is going to be all about Coquettecore, forget about Balletcore and Cottagecore. Like the other two, flirtatious, charming, girly sentiments are key components of this design.


According to nail artist and educator Leanne Haycock, "I think pastels will make a huge appearance through early 2024, a lot of block & single color sets in pastel shades."

Pastels For All Season

"I think we're going to incorporate 3D nails and bring back encapsulated nails! I've seen a growth in my clients' appreciation for 3D elements on their sets. Hernandez hopes to see more girls start incorporating small details into their 3D manis.

3D Nail

Although square nails defined the noughties, we learnt that they were difficult to maintain and caused a lot of breakage and snagging. Two decades later, we've learned from our experiences and are adopting the "soft square"—the same iconic shape with fewer broken nails. Win-win.

Square All The Way

You heard it first—glazed nails are staying in 2024. Were we surprised? Not at all, yet each year introduces a new trend.

Glazed Nails 2.0

I expect nails to be longer in 2024 than they are now. "A year after the ‘clean girl’ trend peaked, nail lovers will go ‘all out’ with length, designs, and colors," adds Truong.

XL Length

Strive for an even French mani for hours? Our experts suggest those days are over. Beyoncé says "release your wiggle".

The Frazzled French

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