76ers Nick Nurse, Kelly Oubre Jr. fined $50,000 for insulting officials. 

While it may have reduced the penalties, being correct was never going to keep Kelly Oubre and Nick Nurse out of trouble. 

Oubre and Nurse yelled abuse at the refs after the last play's no-call on Oubre's drive to the basket gave the Clippers a 108-107 victory over the 76ers.  

Among other things, Oubre seems to point at each of the officials and call them a "b." 

The league said on Friday that they will each be fined $50,000 for their acts.  

The penalty assessed to Nurse was "for aggressively pursuing and verbally abusing game officials." 

But Oubre's was "for verbally abusing and directing an obscene gesture toward game officials." 

Oubre and Nurse were right to be frustrated; following the game, Crew Chief Kevin Scott acknowledged that Paul George ought to have been given a foul call on Oubre's drive. 

"The crew immediately perceived the final action on the floor as the defender leaping vertically. Nonetheless, the post-match video analysis revealed that defender George made a small drift to his left, and a foul ought to have been called."  

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