3 Zodiac Signs Put Themselves First On March 29, 2024

We might not think of the Sagittarius Moon as instilling a selfish streak in us, but this transit adds Neptune into the picture.

Together, this motley gang creates an alliance in the sky that influences three zodiac signs on Earth, encouraging us to be self-protective and possibly even self-centered.

During this Friday's Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, many of us will assess a situation, possibly one involving love or romance. We'll learn that if we don't prioritize ourselves, we'll wind up at the bottom.

This represents the idea that for these three zodiac signs, the last few weeks (or months) have required a lot from us. We no longer want to feel this way. We want to climb so that we may feel better about ourselves again.

If the opportunity to be first or last on March 29 arises, we will not hesitate to take the top spot. Keep in mind that Sagittarius is a warrior sign and the only one that carries a real weapon. 

1. Aries 

You have been here before, and you will return. This, of course, alludes to the crossroads occurrence in which you must choose yourself over someone else.

2. Scorpio

You didn't want to be the one to step in and do the demanding. You will observe that on this day, March 29, if you do not step in, you will be stepped on. That will not happen on your watch, oh no.

3. Capricorn

Friday, you'll be confronted with a circumstance that requires something of you that you have no desire to provide. You are always true to yourself, Capricorn.

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