3 Zodiac Signs Feel Like A Force Of Good On March 28, 2024

On Thursday, March 28, the Moon opposing Jupiter trine Venus helps us find the positive in whatever we do, giving us a boost.

This is a day of 'a-ha' moments, when we're always amazed at how quickly our viewpoint may flip from negative to positive.

We do nice things and aid those in our lives who need guidance to show we mean business.

The Moon opposing Jupiter trine Venus unleashes a force of good we cannot deny. Strangely, it's a rush because we weren't 'this' excellent before.

On Thursday, March 28, you'll want to use your additional energy to create something great. This day feels 'fateful' since you're impelled to do the right thing and the concept motivates you.


Today, you're most motivated by the concept that you can accomplish more than you expected. By doing so, you motivate yourself to do more.


People don't know your true nature. Activated on March 28 during Moon opposite Jupiter trine Venus, this heroic assistance appears.


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