3 Zodiac Sign Avoid Heartbreak In Love On March 29, 2024

Here's an interesting turn of events that will occur on March 29, 2024. What's happening cosmically is that we have this magnificent and bold Sagittarius Moon aligned with Pluto, of all planets.

This causes stress on Earth since we can become really adamant about a love decision only to discover that we are absolutely wrong.

Three zodiac signs do not want Pluto involved. They are unlikely to fall love someone who is utterly unsuitable for them.

Because the Sagittarius Moon emphasizes direct action and positive thinking, when the two influences 'clash,' we may be able to see the truth.

We reject to project positive characteristics onto persons who do not necessarily possess those qualities.

1. Aries 

The last thing you want is to discover that the person you're romantically involved with is not the right person for you. You know yourself well enough to recognize how frequently you've fooled yourself into believing that you couldn't be mistaken. 

2. Scorpio

If you're having second thoughts about your romantic partner on March 29, know that the stars are guiding you. With the Sagittarius Moon aligned with Pluto, you're bound to see unexpected things today.

3. Capricorn

Pluto gives you a nasty awakening. You could recognize the terrible sense of having underestimated your romantic partner and use it to your advantage. 

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