2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Sadness On March 29, 2024

This Friday, we'll learn to forgive ourselves for falling short of our own standards. Understand that for some, March 29 will undoubtedly evoke sentiments of sadness, and we will need to deal with those emotions appropriately.

Today's influence comes from the Sagittarius Moon/Pluto composite force. Here, we see how we anticipate the world to fall into our laps and how we know deep down that we are good, talented, and capable.

Sagittarius provides the blind optimism, while Pluto reminds us that we still need to work within certain bounds. For two zodiac signs, this produces internal tension. 

 When we consider ourselves as proactive and capable of greatness, it's difficult to accept the possibility that we may have limitations, or worse, that anything is impeding our own growth.

On this day, we must forgive ourselves for overreaching. It's not that we 'can't' get what we want or need; it's just that today is full with hurdles. 

Rather than bemoaning our situation, let us commit to wait it out, knowing that the outcome will be far better.

1. Taurus

Because you are always positive and trying your hardest, you put pressure on yourself to keep it up. You've gone through the worst of times, and you'd rather have the best of times

2. Pisces

You are drawn to Sagittarius energy like a fish to water, but when Pluto appears, it may unleash a tsunami of emotions that you are not prepared to deal with on this particular day.

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