10 Trellis Ideas to Turn Your Yard into a Grand Garden

Give a gate visual interest

Patterned woodwork enhances the beauty of a utilitarian gate. Furthermore, the trellis openings provide passersby a glimpse of the vegetation behind it.

Create a lush entryway

An arbor, like a red carpet for your garden, greets visitors as they enter a lush atmosphere. And when the arbor has trellis sides, such as the one shown above by Trellis Structures, it provides another possibility to plant climbing vines.

Extend your garden

To increase the vertical flowering potential of your yard, add trellises to the garden walls. That's exactly what Michael Jarnagin, a landscape designer from California's Bay Area, achieved using climbing roses. 

Pick a sculptural piece

Sculptural trellises, whether with or without plants, enhance the aesthetics of yards. A leaning obelisk supports climbing plants, while a spiral trellis with wooden slats compliments the trees behind it despite its lack of vegetation.

Lean into outdoor privacy

A pergola, the larger, more constructed relative of a trellis, is great for offering both privacy from neighbors and shade. This pergola, built by Hello Kitchen and managed by Simply Home of Austin, Texas, creates a secluded outdoor space with lots of ventilation.

Go full circle

A garden arch, such as this one from Trellis Structures, is sculptural and serves to frame a particular focal point in the yard. Use an arch trellis to showcase a favorite tree, road, or pond.

Pack on the planters

Create a wall with raised beds and planters at varying heights as an alternative to trellis, like this one by Birch & Basil Design in New York City.

Consider an accent trellis

Trellis treatment can still be applied to narrow places. Mount a tiny trellis on porch pillars or on either side of a window (similar to clapboards). 

Carve out a patio space

If you want to establish a patio area that is not tied to your home, a pergola or trellis boundary can help. These structures not only separate your seating area from the rest of the garden, but also give shade.

Add greenery to an urban patio

Enjoy your yard's lush foliage every day as you come and leave by surrounding your driveway with wooden trellises or a pergola to create a plant canopy. Trellis Structures at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York,

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