10 Gold Chrome Nail Designs That Are "So" Main Character-Coded

Simple Gold Chrome French Mani

Manicure minimalists can still join the gold nail trend. Instead of a standard stark white polish tone, use a metallic French tip.

XXL Gold Chrome Manicure

These extra-long, coffin-shaped claws put the "loud" in "loud luxury" as their bright metallic shine catches the light.

Abstract Wavy Frenchies

Gold chrome nails are anything but basic in my opinion, and these abstract, wavy French tips are both one-of-a-kind and appealing.

Gilded Celestial Stars

Shimmering celestial star motifs look lovely on neutral nail polish shades.

3D Coquette Ribbon

In recent months, the growing coquette trend has resulted in an industry-wide fixation with bows. This charming manicure embraces the style in an unusual way, including hand-crafted 3D ribbons in glittering gold.

Yellow Gold Double-Tined Tips

Double-lined Frenchies, sometimes known as "invisible" French nails, are a completely unique spin on a classic manicure pattern.

Gold Chrome Nail Cuffs

Use golden nail cuffs around the cuticle to add a subtle and surprising metallic touch.

Chic Golden Studs

Outline each manicure with cool-girl studs made of itty bitty liquid gold dots. Blake Lively had a similar studded manicure at New York Fashion Week.

Minimalistic Line Details

These subtle nails have tiny line designs and provide just the right amount of sun-drenched color to your manicure.

Luxe Metallic Croc French Tips

Take inspiration from celebrities like Hailey Bieber and try the crocodile pattern nail art trend. It will immediately provide a premium feel to your set

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